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The Wenchi Eco-Tourism Association (WETA) is a local, community-centred initiative which promotes sustainable eco-tourism. Its mission: to improve the livelihoods of local people by promoting ecotourism development through the sustainable use of natural and cultural resources.
Our objective is to create social and economic benefits through ecotourism and to foster the conservation of natural resources of the area.
According to WETA policy, 8% of the service providers’ revenue and half of the entrance fee goes directly to the community in a transparent way for the improvement of its services.

Eco-tourism around Wenchi Crater Lake is a GTZ financed measure started in November 2002 with the cooperation of Oromia Trade Industry and Urban Development Bureau, Trade tourism and Transport Division. The objective is to develop and introduce a consolidated approach for Eco-tourism that can be replicated in other areas and that enhances the sustainable utilization of the natural resources.

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