Some highlights on the way to Ambo

Gafarsa Dam
Gafarsa Dam is situated on the left approximately 25km from Addis Ababa. It is a manmade lake which provides Addis Ababa with drinking water. Gafarsa in Oromo means Buffalo, since the area once was inhabited by herds of buffalo. Major attractions of this area include numerous colorful aquatic birds like pelicans, cormorants, Egyptian geese, which are certain to appeal to bird watchers.

Addis Alem
The small town of Addis Alem is known for its prominent church: Debre-Tsiyon Mariam. Originally built as a palace of worship for Emperor Menilik II when Addis Alem was the capital of Ethiopia for a short period in the beginning of the last century, it is famed for its unique design, decoration and its museum, which houses historical antiquities of royal families and religious manuscripts.

Ginchi: Cilimo Gaji Forest
Cilimo is a dense area of forest occupying 11,000 hectares and home to many different species of trees. Some of the trees are estimated to be over 400 years old. It is an ideal site for bird watching, exploring the forest scenery and camping.

On the way to Weliso (Jimma road)

The Meta Abo brewery is located in the vicinity of the main road, about 26 km southwest of Addis. It has spectacular views of waterfalls and is home to an array of birds and monkeys.
It is a perfect place to see and meet locals while enjoying the local brewed special Meta beer (unfiltered cellear beer). The brewery is only open on weekends and the beer is normally finished by Sunday afternoon.

Another favorite tourist destination is the nearby Menagesha-Suba forest, about 10 km from Sebeta town and the brewery.

Highlights on the way to Butajira

Awash Malka Qunture
Awash Malka Qunture is situated 50km southwest of Addis Ababa on the route to Butajira. The small town of Awash Malka Qunture is famed by its archeological wonders, with a small museum and the eye-catching view of the Awash waterfall striking the basalt at the base of a deep gorge.

Adadi-Mariam church
Adadi-Mariam church is a cavernous old church located 23km from Awash Malka Qunture (including a detour to the right of 13km) or 73km from Addis along the same route. The church is renowned for its unique underground rock-hewn caverns.

Is located Gurage Zone in Regional state of southern Ethiopian people. Here 36 ancient stales or obelisks are located twenty km further from Addi Mariam, a church believed to have been found between 12th –15th centuries. Thirty-one of which are decorated with carvings and the tallest of them is 3.7m. These stalaes, which are probably tomb stones are listed as world heritage by UNESCO.

Adadi-Mariam church

Stalaes of Tiya

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